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Rehabilitation Therapy

Keeping your pet in their prime

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Our Philosophy

We seek to provide information on all available options for helping your pet live the most enjoyable and pain-free life. We carefully evaluate your pet's unique lifestyle and discuss the level of commitment and treatment required to achieve the ideal results.

Results Orientated, Customized Care


Individual Pets, Individual Treatment

There is no ONE PERFECT treatment and there is no TYPICAL case. Every pet comes with a history of lifestyle, illnesses and injuries. Different breeds present their own concerns physically and mentally. Your pet occupies its own role within the household and social structure,  and every home has its own physical and environmental components to consider.

For every dog that presents with a cranial cruciate ligament (CCL or ACL) injury, there are many different approaches and options to consider. Surgery is not the best answer in all cases. Should your pet be one that would do best with surgery, we will discuss why and how it will benefit your pet.

Services Offered

At PrimePet, we build for your pet's long term health.  Our programs are designed to help you learn to help your pet. In addition to our in-clinic therapy plans, each client is provided with a comprehensive customized home care program. Since each animal has different circumstances, time spent planning therapy is critical to reaching your pet's optimum performance level.


Cold Laser therapy


Massage Therapy


Aqua Therapy


Agility / Coordination

Treatment Methods

Our treatment methods typically incorporate a significant amount of manual therapies by our veterinarian and veterinary technicians. Treatment modalities range from hydrotherapy pools to physio-balls and inclines with a variety of methods for application. Individual pets need to be assessed for their tolerance and ability to accept each modality.  A thorough evaluation of your pet by our veterinarians determines the best care plan to enhance healing, recovery, and overall well-being. Our staff then tracks your pet's progress to key milestones.

Our Mission

To help pets realize their highest level of mobility, comfort and fitness after injury or debility, as well as compassionately manage long-term conditions.

Our mission is to assist pets and their owners in gaining optimum mobility, aiming for the highest ability, comfort, and fitness, especially with long term, chronic conditions.

Each case is individually assessed and treated. If you wish your pet to have a specific treatment, we will discuss and decide whether it is appropriate in your case. We prescribe and treat according to our best judgment of your pet's circumstance.

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Do I need a veterinarian’s referral?

Yes. Most of our patients are referred by a veterinarian or surgeon. We prefer to work closely with your existing doctor/surgeon in order to provide the most comprehensive treatment plan possible.

How long does an evaluation take?

You should plan about 45 minutes for an initial evaluation. Please arrive for your appointment a few minutes early to complete paperwork.

What happens at the initial evaluation?

Our veterinarian takes time to observe your pet's movement, noting issues with gait, function, standing, sitting, etc. A thorough history of your pet's condition is taken. Radiographs, if available, may be reviewed and discussed.


We then carefully examine your pet's joints and muscles, evaluating lameness, strength, flexibility, pain sensation, and neurological soundness. This is an exam of function and compensation or adaptation, to evaluate how your pet is coping and to see how they respond to different therapy techniques. We perform manual (hands-on) therapies as we evaluate, so your pet can move and feel better even with their first visit.


Once the exam is complete, we work with you to develop a rehabilitation treatment plan which fits you and your pet's needs. This will involve in-clinic as well as at-home treatments, supplements, and/or medications. All recommendations are summarized for you in an easy to read format. Home care instructions and exercise plan handouts are included with an end-of-visit summary email.

PrimePet Rehab

PrimePet Rehab

Client Testimonials

What They’re Saying


Our yellow lab Sadie has been through 3 surgeries since July 2020 and Dr. Hardee recommended Dr. Walsh to help with her rehabilitation. Dr. Walsh has been so good with her. Sadie loves him and trust him to help her get better. Dr. Walsh is awesome. We would highly recommend him!

C. Wiseley

I found Princess Fiona on the street. This pug stole my heart, and Dr. Tom has been so kind to her and good for her. Her balance has improved, and although she still has a limp, she gets around so much better. It's obvious she feels better as well


Our dog Weston always enjoys his appointments. His arthritis response to the laser treatments has been amazing! Thank you for taking such great care of him!

T. Galway

My Story - Dr. Tom Walsh

A veterinarian by training, but my passion is the rehabilitation of your pet. I offer the highest standard of patient care by treating each one of my patients with integrity, devotion, and compassion. My mission is to help your pet and improve the overall quality of their life. It is my honor and privilege to be trusted with your furry family members.

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